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i lean against the wind; pretend that i am weightless

and in this moment i am happy: happy.

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I'm pretty light-hearted and easy going. I love wearing dresses and going to the beach and thinking of fun things to do in the bedroom. I don't hide who I am for anyone, I'm sick of doing that. I like to drink and smoke tree and I'll never forget who my friends are. Like anyone, I've made a lot of mistakes and there's no way I'm going to explain myself to people. The past is the past and what will happen, will happen. I live for now.

If there is one thing I learned, it is that if you wanna dance, dance, if you wanna fuck, fuck, if someone is an asshole, confront them. Love someone with your whole fuckin heart. There are things greater than people and we should embrace that, appreciate the beauty of what we don't know, accept ignorance and exist through our hearts.

i don't know how to do any fancy html things. I am not computer literate.

when the musics over: turn out the light

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